5 simple steps to reduce staff absence problems

Managing workplace leave the old way is one hell of an HR headache. It’s a lot of back and forth, it involves creaky processes, it’s not much fun, and because of that, it gets pushed right down the list of priorities.

The result? Panicky 3am moments and a heap of frustration for team members and managers alike.

Do any of these sound familiar?

1. A spreadsheet a day keeps your sanity at bay

Classic HR management for booking and tracking team leave involves spreadsheet upon spreadsheet upon spreadsheet.

Now, no disrespect towards spreadsheets - we’ve got a lot of love for formulas - but they’re not very user-friendly, and they give rise to a world of pain around access rights and accidental overwriting. Oh, and don’t even bother trying to edit one on your mobile phone.

Fortunately today’s tech means that spreadsheets for absence management are a thing of the past.

2. Everybody loves paperwork...

...Right? RIGHT?

Filling in forms to request leave is not only an unnecessary dig at the environment, it’s also incredibly inefficient. By taking your absence management online, you can spend less time filing and more time figuring out how to change the world. Or eating cake!

3. Questions? Questions? Why are there always so many questions?

Every time a member of staff wants to book time off but doesn’t have oversight of their own allowance or approval process, you get asked a ton of questions. Emails clogging up your inbox. Phone calls late at night. Confusion over what happens when they have to take sick leave at the last minute.

We’ve got a vendetta against late-night phone calls and clogged-up inboxes caused by uncertainties around how to book leave and how much leave is available.

4. Leave tracked incorrectly costs you time and money

The main reason for a team member taking too much leave isn’t bad intent - it’s a flawed system letting you (and them) down. Never mind the loss of valuable hours, you might also pay the price in the form of unpleasant conversations and resolution negotiations.

Bringing your absence management online leaves no room for error and makes those awkward conversations a thing of the past.

5. TL;DR: pointless admin is a buzzkill

Using smart tech to replace pointless admin is one way to motivate your team
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Did you know it’s biologically impossible to say the word ‘admin’ without wincing? It’s true! Slick administration is truly an art form, but a lot of admin is pointless, and it hurts us. That’s because admin distracts us from doing the things we’re really good at. The things we’ve been hired to do, the things that get us out of bed in the morning.

Using smart tech to replace pointless admin is one way to motivate your team by helping them spend more time zoned in on what’s important.

Wincing over your admin woes? Dear HR heroes-to-be, it doesn’t have to be this way! Bin messy spreadsheets and take control of your team’s absence management today by signing up for our 60-day free trial with Team Absence.

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