New Feature: Holiday and Sickness reports to help you stay on top of absence management

Since launching a few months ago we've been helping businesses across the UK to keep track of staff leave. Many of them want to get a deeper understanding of their absence management and today I'm excited to announce that we have added powerful holiday and sickness reports to Team Absence!

So, find out how you can avoid discovering you are the only person in the office this week because everyone else is on holiday...


Understand your annual leave hot-spots

A quick glance at the annual leave hot-spots graph lets you see when lots of people are away at the same time. Every day of the year appears as a box - the brighter the colour, the more people are away on holiday on that day.

Hot Spots
Gain insights into your annual leave hot-spots to better plan business continuity
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You can see on the graph above that August and September appear to have multiple people away at the same time. Click on any day to instantly see exactly who will be away on that date.

Once you know when your staff will be away, you can make plans to ensure everything continues to run smoothly. Awesome!

Avoid burning out your team

It's heroic when your dedicated employees still have loads of unused holiday allowance as the end of the year approaches, but is it helping the bottom line?

Allowance Used

Our new holiday report shows you what proportion of all annual allowance has been booked over the year and how much has still been left unbooked.

When your staff realise they will be losing their time off forever, they tend to book it all off in one go. Great for them to get some much needed R&R, but if everyone does that in the last month of your holiday year, it spells big problems for your business.

See how to quickly spot burnt out and stressed teams in your business
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Now you can spot if time off is being used up gradually over the year, or if you have peaks and troughs. The graph above is from the same company as before and you can see the busy patch in August and September again where more holiday allowance is used up in a short space of time. You can also see instantly that by the end of the year 20% of annual allowance still hasn't been used.

A healthy team is a productive team

...and that's where our brand new Sickness Report comes in. It starts with a simple overview to help you understand the health of your business and even lets you compare that with the national average.

Sickness Overview

Absence, by team

High levels of staff sickness can indicate a problem elsewhere. With Team Absence's new sickness report, you can see a breakdown of staff sickness for each team in your business. Does one team have an unusually high level of sickness? Knowing is the first step to understanding why and finding a solution.

Bradford Factor Scoring

In addition to the other information in your sickness reports, you'll find Bradford Factor scoring for each team, as well as a top 10 of the team members with the highest Bradford scores in your company.

The best news is that you can access these reports anytime and they are always up to date without you needing to lift a finger.

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