Improved 'People' page helps HR admins manage staff

We've been busy improving the admin area of Team Absence over the last few days, to make it even easier for HR to keep track of all your staff.

Updated information about your team

Team Absence Hr People Management

It can be a nuisance when members of staff forget their password. They've always been able to ask for a password reset email themselves, directly from the login page, but now HR admins can trigger a password reset for anyone in the company. Your team member will instantly get an email in their inbox with everything they need to reset their password and carry on booking time off work.

We've also updated the look of the People page. You can now see everyone's email address next to their names. Team Absence has always supported team members that don't have access to email, but it's now really easy to see which people can use the self-service features to book time off themselves, and which will need support from a line manager.

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