Planning for staff sickness

You may not realise this, but sickness and absence in your business could be costing you a fortune. Now, sickness is just a fact of life. At one point or another, we all get sick. You can’t blame people for that. You certainly can’t force them to come in with runny noses and cold sweats. Your clients wouldn’t appreciate that at all! However, you can make things easier on yourself by planning for staff sickness. Doing this you’ll be able to save time and money. So basically, it’s a win-win situation for you!

Get Employees On Board

You need to make sure that employees understand what happens if they are sick or absent. By doing this, you won’t get any of those late phone calls that leave you in a pickle. Or worse, no phone call at all to explain why a key member of your team hasn’t shown up for work. Ringing people up to find where they are isn’t the best use of time. No matter how interesting their stories might be. If you plan and layout terms and conditions of sickness leave, you’ll make things easier. Your employees should have access to these terms and conditions and understand their role. Include this in your employee contract to ensure it will be read.

Use A Schedule

You need to make sure that you know when people will be in and out of the office. Obviously, you can’t plan sick leave in advance, although we’re sure some employees will try. What you can do is know exactly who’s in the office when someone else calls in sick. This will help you manage the extra jobs that need to be taken on and ensure everything essential is completed. Other jobs can be held off until the person on sick leave returns. As long as you know who’s in and who’s off you can do this quickly and effectively. At Team Absence, we can help you do this without the use of paperwork through absence management. Then again, we know how much you guys love your paperwork. Just kidding.

You may not realise this, but sickness and absence could be costing you a fortune.
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Too Many Sick Days?

You should be prepared for the possibility that staff staying off sick could be for a reason other than an illness. It could be a problem that they are encountering in your office. This might be bullying, harassment or just feeling stress. Any of these issues could result in a doctor signing them off sick. You’ll be none the wiser unless you recognise when these problems are an issue in your office. By doing this, you’ll know when a worker needs time off. You might also be able to stop them taking it by managing the situation for them. It’s all about staying ahead of the game and knowing the issues before they arise.

The Show Must Go On!

Of course, your business shouldn't run into issues if someone takes a day off. But you do need a contingency plan in place for long periods of absence. This might involve replacing them with temp staff of passing on their responsibilities to someone else. If you have a plan, one absence doesn’t need to bring your business to a grinding halt.

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