Team Absence launches today

The doors are officially open! Team Absence launches today

We prodded. We listened. We tweaked. We’ve emerged from the warm cocoon of private beta, and we’re thrilled to announce that the Team Absence doors are officially open!

With huge thanks from all of us to those who took part in our private beta launch, we’re pleased to say that we’ve made lots of improvements based on feedback. We are totally committed to creating frictionless, no-nonsense tech, and we couldn’t have done it alone.

Here are a few of our favourite all-new features:

Decide whether or not to carry over holiday

Some companies like to encourage their teams to make full use of their holiday allowance every year, whereas others believe flexibility to carry over days is key. Now you can customise Team Absence for either scenario with just a couple of quick clicks.

Team Absence Manage Teams

Set holiday allowance at team-level or individual-level

Obviously different teams work in different ways, but we also recognise that variety exists within teams too. Choose whether you want to set holiday allowances at a team level or at an individual level - Team Absence is your toolkit to set up however you want.

Team Absence, the smartest way to book and track workplace leave, is available now!
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Chop and change between regional public holidays

Got teams based in different areas of the UK? No problem. Save hassle trying to work out the difference and instead add it to respective holiday allowances, and instead, simply choose the relevant region to allocate public holidays automatically. (Or you can turn them off entirely, but that’s a whole nother story.)

This is just the beginning. We hope you’ll give Team Absence a whirl and experience its inner workings for yourself - your free trial lasts 60 days (no credit card details needed) and you’ll be set up in minutes. Click here to get started.

Questions? Requests? Get in touch, we’d love to talk.

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