The 5 most common complaints about booking time off work

We’re all entitled to a little time off every year. All good companies recognise that well rested staff are far more productive, but booking that time off can be a cause of a great deal of stress and hassle if it’s not handled well. Ideally you’d want your staff to be able to book time off whenever they wanted to, and their managers should be able to approve that request with the least amount of fuss possible.

Not everyone gets it right though. Here are the most common complaints about booking time off work:

1. It’s difficult to get permission to take time off

We all hate filling in forms, but many companies insist of a complex series of forms that need to be filled in by staff in order to book time off. Worse still, they need to get these bits of paper signed by their manager (sometimes, more than one signature is needed). It all takes time and effort that would probably be better spent doing something more useful. Streamline your approval process so it’s less bureaucratic and time consuming for staff to complete.

2. It’s hard to find out what you’ve booked off and what you have available.

We know how much time off we get each year, but it’s much harder to remember how many days we’ve actually already booked off. It’s even worse for managers, who need to keep track of everyone else’s time off too, plus throw sick leave into the mix and it can quickly get out of hand. Make sure you have robust system to track time off for all your staff that is simple to manage and importantly gives your staff and managers all the information they need, when they need it.

3. We’re only human…

If you are still tracking your staff absence manually, then human errors are inevitable. Imagine what would happen if one person’s holiday is assigned to someone else by accident! Make sure it’s hard to make mistakes like this (a self-service solution where staff book and manage their own time off mostly solves this). An audit trail that lets you figure out what changes have been made is also soooooo helpful when someone complains.

4. Dealing with absence management takes too much time.

Another complaint that is often voiced by managers or business owners is that it is very time consuming to track and manage their employee absence. Even for a small company with less than 20 employees, managing employee absence can waste a lot of valuable time. A super simple approval process, combined with a quick and painless booking process will ensure that no one spends more than a couple of minutes a year dealing with booking time off.

Avoid the 5 most common complaints about booking time off work
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5. Too much paperwork and so many phone calls!

Many companies still use dated manual paperwork and phone calls to track staff time off. It’s slow, expensive and makes everyone stressed out. It all adds up to a massive distraction to the important work the company is trying to do. Get your absence management online and empower your staff to book, track and approve time off in the simplest possible way.

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