The 8 signs that your business needs help with booking time off

For any company, whether small or big, it is very important to keep track of employee holidays and absence. You need to plan for staff shortages and make sure everyone is around during your peak season, but managing all that and knowing who’s off when isn’t as easy as it sounds without the right tools to help you.

It’s also important that your staff are able to easily plan and book their time off. They’ll want to see when they were off, how much of their annual allowance remains and who else in their team is off this week.

Here are 8 signs that the system you are using today isn’t really delivering what you and your business needs:-

1. Your team keep on asking you about their remaining allowance for time off work.

When your team don’t have easy access to how much of their precious annual allowance they have already used, it means they’ll be asking about it, again and again.

2. Keeping track of it all is getting to be a major headache.

As your team grows you’ll be getting more requests for information, and more requests to book time off. If your systems make either of those things hard for your staff or for you, then it’s going to be a problem. It’s time of find a more streamlined solution.

3. You are tired of managing absence time manually.

If you’re still using the good old manual method of absence tracking for your employees, you might find that it is increasingly becoming less effective day by day. Stop wasting your time on unproductive busy work and switch to a more modern method to manage your employee absence.

Getting Some Work Done

4. You want to get rid of some unnecessary administrative work.

Usually, tracking your employee absence can be a whole new and complicated piece of administrative work in itself. A good absence management solution will allow your staff to help themselves by enabling them to see their allowance, what time they’ve book as well as simplifying the booking and approval process.

5. You want your staff to book their time off online.

It is easier for your employees to check their remaining time off online rather than having to ask their managers each time they want to book time off. A mobile friendly online system allows everyone in your company to know exactly what they have available and what they have used, wherever they are, right from their phone, tablet or laptop.

6. You want to simplify the work for your managers.

Your managers might already have a lot of work to do on a day-to-day basis. If you give them the task of managing your employee absence, it takes their time away from the important work your company is trying to complete. Enable your managers to approve time off with a single click, directly from their inbox and they can quickly get on with their day. As a bonus, your staff find out quickly if their requests for time off have been approved or declined.

Hot Spots

7. You want to gain more insights about your staff absence.

Manually tracking time off, including sickness absence is laborious, and generating useful reports from the data you have is difficult and not every effective. A good absence management tool will offer you powerful reporting on individuals, teams and the company as a whole, so you can truly understand your teams time off. As you gain insight, you can make adjustments to improve the health of your colleagues and maximises productivity.

8. You want to keep all employee absence data safe and secure.

Encryption, redundant data storage, audit logs of changes and regular backups in the cloud are all super important for business critical data like this. If you just have a spreadsheet on your laptop, you’re asking for trouble down the road. Make sure any absence management tool you use has you covered, so you can be confident that confidential information stays that way, and that your precious data will always be available.

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