Are you calculating holiday allowance correctly? Here's how to find out.

Working out how much holiday allowance you and your staff should get can be complicated. If you have ever needed an online pro rata holiday calculator or a way of working out holiday entitlement for part time workers, or just wanted to know how many days holiday are you entitled to, then read on.

The basics

Everyone in the UK in full-time employment is entitled to at least 28 paid days off. There are a few things to note about this though:-

  • It can include bank holidays and public holidays as part of the statutory entitlement, though does not have to. In other words, you don’t automatically get bank holidays off - if you do get bank holidays off, then they count towards your 28 days.
  • You must not round down the holiday entitlement, but may round it up (eg to the nearest half day or full day)
  • This has to be paid time off
  • Companies are free to offer more time off than the standard entitlement if they want to. This is often referred to as ‘contractual leave entitlement’

The 28-day figure is based on a full-time employee (which is someone that works 5 days a week or more). But what if you’re part time, or won’t be working for the entire year? How do you work out what you are entitled to then?

Team Absence Allowance Calculator

Team Absence will perform all these complicated adjustments to your allowance automatically, so you don’t have to think about it at all. However, if you are not yet one of our customers, we’ve made a free UK holiday allowance calculator available, which uses some of the same technology that powers Team Absence, so you can manually work out the correct holiday allowance for your staff.

We offer 2 different calculators for you to use. The first is our basic holiday allowance calculator, which supports the following:-

  • Part-time staff
  • People that are starting part way through the year
  • People that are leaving work part way through the year

We’ve kept it simple and it will tell you the minimum amount of paid leave you’ll need to offer to each of your staff.

We also offer a more sophisticated version of the calculator that can take some additional details into account. It also provides a more detailed report than the basic calculator. The advanced holiday allowance calculator supports the following:-

  • Everything in the basic calculator
  • Ability to offer more than the standard holiday allowance
  • Bank holidays (these don't affect your total allowance, but might change how many days you can book and how many are fixed)

Taking all this into account, it will let you know the number of days of holiday allowance to provide, which bank holidays fall on working days and how many non-bank holiday days off you’d need to offer to of your staff.

Are you calculating holiday allowance correctly? Here's how to find out.
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What next?

You can try both the calculators out using the links below…

If you’d rather not spend your time entering details into our free allowance calculators and would like to solve a lot of your other HR problems at the same time, then please give Team Absence a try. It provides simple HR and absence management tools for you and everyone at your company and has been specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses.

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