Introducing the new payroll features in Team Absence

Our latest update to Team Absence introduced a lot of new functionality. The payroll features have been designed to help small businesses to keep this important information safe and secure, whilst also making it easy for the right people to access it.

Most small businesses will out-source their payroll to their accountant or a specialist company. This is simply because it's very complex, very important, and nothing to do with the main purpose of the business. However, even with all the tax and transfers of money out-sourced, businesses will need to keep everyones payroll details on file and ensure changes are handled correctly, and that's where the problems can often be found.

Payroll information contains a lot of sensitive data. Name, address, bank details, salary details. It's critical that this information is kept organised and secure at all times. It's also critical to have robust processes around handling changes to this information. If one of your employees changes address, or bank account, that information needs to get into the payroll quickly and accurately.

This is where Team Absence can help.


For the highest level of security possible, all your payroll data is stored encrypted in our database. The makes sure that the data unreadable to anyone but you. Once it makes it to your computer screen, we hide and scramble the information so it's not immediately visible to anyone walking past your desk. A single click is all it takes to make the information accessible. We even auto-hide all confidential information if you leave your computer unattended.

Secure Staff Info Team Absence


To further protect your data, not everyone in your company can access this information. In fact, the only people that can see your payroll details are you, your manager, the payroll manager and the company admin. There are also restrictions on who can edit the details (for example, employees can change their bank account details, but can't edit their salary

Salary History Team Absence

Salary history

We also track a history for everyone's salary, so you can see exactly what they earn now, but also what they were on last year and any time in the past. There is support for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual salaries.

Document store

Finally, uploading important documents for each member of staff is just as easy. Imagine if you could easily find a copy of each employee's contract, their P60's and P11D's for each year they have worked for you, and any other relevant documents you'd need (such as a copy of any documentation they need to show they can work in the UK). Simply drag files onto the page to upload them.

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