Adding a new team member to your growing company

Yay! Your business is growing and there's a new member of staff joining the team. How do you add them to Team Absence?

Who can add people to a team

  • Administrators can add people to any team in the company.
  • Team leads can add people to their own team.

The simplest way to add someone is to go to the team calendar and choose the team that the new person will be part of. Click on the 'add team member...' button at the end of the list of existing team members to open the form.

Add Team Member From Team Calendar

Administrators will also be able to add people to the company from the people tab in the company dashboard. Just click on the 'add team member' button there to open the form.

Add Team Member Form

Next you'll need to fill in the details on the form and we'll get them set up for you. You'll need their name, email address (if they have one), their starting date and which team they will be joining. You can change all of these values later if you need to.

The email address is optional, but please note that members of staff without an email address will not be able to log into Team Absence. These people will need their time off booking for them by their line manager.

Team Absence will take care of all the other details. We'll email them a welcome message if they have an email address to help them get started and so they can set up their password. We'll also set up their annual leave allowance based on their team's settings and their starting date, as well as adding them to the team you choose for them.

Last updated 28th March 2017

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