Adding personal and team calendars to Apple Calendar

If you use Apple Calendar to keep track of your day, it's super useful to be able to see all your time off in the same place. Team Absence lets you subscribe to your personal calendar, or to any of your company's team calendars, in Apple Calendar.

First you'll need to get a link to your live calendar feed in Team Absence. Log in to Team Absence and scroll to the bottom of your personal calendar. Look for a link called 'Export your calendar' and click on it - this will copy your unique calendar link to the clipboard for you, ready for the next step...

Export Personal Calendar As Ical

If you wanted to subscribe to a team calendar, which will include all the time off events for an entire team, go to the team page and click on the export calendar link there.

Export Team Calendar As Ical

Next, open up Apple Calendar and choose
File -> New Calendar Subscription...

Apple Calendar Add New Ical Subscription

Apple Calendar will ask you for your calendar URL. Paste the link from Team Absence in here (Cmd+V) and press Subscribe. You can then give your calendar a name and alter any settings if you like.

Team Absence Synced With Apple Calendar

Your Team Absence calendar will now show up in Apple Calendar, and Apple Calendar will fetch changes from Team Absence from time to time to keep everything up to date.

Your personal calendar entries will include your notes to remind you why you booked the time off. However, Team calendars will just include the name of the person the event relates to, for confidentiality reasons.

Last updated 16th July 2016

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