Adjusting the annual allowance for a whole team

Each team in Team Absence can be set up to allocate its members a different amount of annual leave. This makes managing annual leave simple in most cases, as you don't need to adjust the allowance of individual team members, one at a time.

Only admins can make changes to a team's allowance.

  1. Log into Team Absence using an Admin account
  2. Visit the Team's tab in the company dashboard.
  3. Click on the edit icon for the team you'd like to change, and a form will appear.
  4. Adjust the allowance to the number of days you'd like to give this team.
  5. Note: They will get the number of days you enter here, plus any public holidays chosen on this form.
  6. Click on the 'Update' button to complete the change.
Adjust Allowance For Team

You can review any changes by looking at individuals in the team. Visit the People tab of the company dashboard, click on a person in the team and view their annual allowance allocation. You'll be able to see any adjustments made here, as well edit manually making any further adjustments.

Last updated 16th July 2016

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