Booking time off

Booking time off is simple in Team Absence and we give you several ways to do it.

First up is the 'Book time off' button. You'll find in the top right corner of every page page in Team Absence, so whatever you're doing, it's right there.

Book Time Off Button
  • Press the 'Book time off' button. A form will appear asking for details.
  • Pick the type of absence you're booking - the contents of this list will vary from company to company and can be configured by your account owners, but would normally have an options for holiday / annual leave, sickness, and other 'out of office' events.
  • Choose the start time and date, and the ending time and date.
  • Provide a brief description of your time off
  • That's it. We'll work out if any of your annual allowance will be used and contact your team lead if the booking needs to be approved.

The second option is to go your to personal calendar and simply click and drag on the dates you'd like to book off. The same form will appear, only all the dates will be already set up for you.

Finally, if you are looking at the team calendar, you can also drag out dates on your timeline to book time off.

Booking Time Off Form

Booking time off on behalf of your team

Team leads and admins are also be able to book time off on behalf of other people in their teams by either dragging on the team calendar, or selecting the persons name in the 'Book time off' form.

Last updated 28th March 2017

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