What to do when someone is leaving

When a member of your team retires, moves on, or (gulp) gets fired, you'll need to update their employee details in Team Absence.

Someone with an Administrator account will need to log into Team Absence and visit the People tab of the Company dashboard. This page lists all staff working in your company. Find the person that will be leaving and click on their name to go to their individual settings.

Switch to the 'Employee Details' tab using the menu on the side (bottom if you are using a phone or some tablets).

Employee Details

Under the 'Important Dates' section, set the persons official leaving date.

Team Absence will instantly make the appropriate calculations to adjust their annual allowance.

Switch to the 'Allowance' tab to see a complete breakdown of their allowance, including how many days of annual leave they have left. You can then ask the leaver to take their remaining leave, pay them for it, or do whatever your normal company policy dictates.

At the end of their last day, Team Absence will update the persons account, marking them as a leaver. You can still find them on the People tab - they will be listed at the bottom with any other staff that have moved on.

You won't be billed for anyone after they have left your company, but you will still be able to access their records. The leaver will no longer be able to log into Team Absence after their leaving date as well.

Last updated 28th March 2017

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